The project and specifications are prepared by the employer or its representative, and it is offered to our customers as an option by reducing the construction and operating costs of the building, without compromising the quality and safety of the building, only in investments where the construction service is the contractor.

Our company examines the proposal and design group, the projects included in the tender documents, the recipes and the technical specifications, investigates them if there are solutions to reduce the construction cost and presents the results obtained as a proposal to our customers.

Why Steel Construction?
Steel construction structures have a solid and light structure. Its lightness exposes it to less earthquake loads. This provides an advantage. Since it can be easily mounted on steel concrete, it can also be preferred in reinforced concrete and steel mixed structures. Labor and time saving in manufacturing and assembly is another preferred reason.

Why is Steel Construction Preferred in Industrial Buildings?
Steel Industrial Structures are manufactured cheaper than reinforced concrete industrial structures. Steel has a high bearing capacity. For example; While a 30 cm high NPI steel profile is sufficient to pass the 20 m span, it may be necessary to construct a 180 cm thick reinforced concrete beam to pass the same span. This situation reveals a situation directly affecting the economy of the building. The amount of reinforcement in concrete and concrete increases. Thus, the concrete's own weight also increases and its strength and lifetime are shortened while carrying itself along with the building. Steel construction industrial structures are manufactured and completed faster, since their assembly is easier and faster than concrete. After the steel is cut and manufactured in the workshop, it goes to the assembly site of the industrial structure. Here, the assembly is completed with the help of a crane. After this stage, it is ready for use after being covered with trapezoidal sheet or polyurethane filled panels. Steel construction industrial structure is always produced faster than reinforced concrete. Since most of the production is made in the steel construction manufacturing industrial structure, a flawless fabrication occurs. In contrast to a steel industrial structure manufactured in three months, the same structure can only be manufactured in reinforced concrete in twelve months. This ensures that the industrial structure is put into operation in a much shorter time. Production starts earlier. Another advantage of steel construction is that since steel is removable and replaceable, the project can be changed by revising with the change of opinion at any time. Since steel construction buildings are possible and fast to dismantle and reassemble, they can be moved and moved. The conditions of the 21st century are much different than the 20th and 19th centuries. Time is one of the most important resources and the correct management of resources is the most important industrial planning criterion of the 21st century.