Atalet Yapı is a Konya-based building production company operating in the “Industrial Steel Building” sector with its deep-rooted history and strong structure. Operating on 13.500 m2 open area in Konya OSB, Atalet Yapı provides effective projects with a stable trust understanding in its facilities in 5500 m2 closed area. With its deep-rooted history, it always grows by managing its experience with knowledge. Atalet Yapı gained a leading identity in the sector by producing “Turnkey solutions”.

Starting from the project phase, it produces works by offering the most comprehensive production and assembly services. It provides service at international standards with an understanding of economic, safe and quality service. A perfectionist construction company, Atalet Yapı aims to always increase its service quality with its experienced technical staff and application staff. Based on customer satisfaction, Atalet Yapı; industrial buildings, warehouses, warehouses, factory buildings, industrial facilities, multi-storey steel houses. Inertial Construction; Structural Steel, with its technological machinery park, continues its development by closely following the world by manufacturing and assembling.

It acts with a structure that knows that the development will come from within by supporting its employees with its education-oriented approach. Atalet Yapı provides projects with constructive solutions without interfering with nature's operation with its sustainable production approach. It advances by investing in knowledge and experience with its strategic targets that consider nature.