At the beginning of the investment decision, entrepreneurs need a feasibility study to see the feasibility of the investment and determine the financing requirement.


We provide only the construction service of the whole or a certain part of the construction, the project and specifications of which are prepared by the employer or his representative.


It has made it a principle to carry out the committed works on time, in accordance with its contract, projects, standards and regulations in force.

Atalet Yapı

Who are we?

With its permanent and sustainable quality approach, Atalet Yapı provides support in turnkey solutions of structures with all types of carrier systems in domestic and international construction investments. Atalet Yapı, which is one of the respected companies of the sector that provides engineering and contracting services, draws attention with its specialist organization especially in industrial facilities, machine construction and facade systems. With this organization, it has successfully participated in many projects that contribute to the employment of the country. Atalet Yapı; It is a pioneering company in the sector with its innovative, dynamic and dynamic organization, which is open to development, with its production understanding serving international standards and its expert staff based on high customer satisfaction.

Atl Yapı Market is an Atalet Yapı Company.


Drawing in accordance with the purpose of use, cultural demands of the customers and the land-nature conditions in the construction site with its expert technical staff.

Atalet Yapı